What is a Triathlon?

I'm So glad you asked!

Ask any triathlete and they'll talk your ear off for as long as you let them. We LOVE talking about triathlons. Like, a lot. In fact, when we get together to train for a triathlon, we talk about triathlons constantly. It's even worse when we DO a triathlon because every word leading up to the triathlon is about nutrition, rok tape, tire inflation, hydration, etc. After it's done, we talk about the event we just finished. We're a bit obsessed. In fact, I thin the only time we aren't talking about triathlons is when we are actually doing the triathlon. It must be peaceful for our significant others and friends.

But I digress! You're here to learn about triathlons! Helellujah! OK, so as the name implies a triathlon is 3 differnt sports mashed together. Swimming, biking and running are the sports. No, we don't do them all at the same time, that would be ridiculous. They are done sequentially in that order. You start and finish your swim, transition to your bike and end it with a run. Unofficially there is a 4th sport in there; drinking, but we won't include that in this description.

Now anyone can do a triathlon because they come in a variety of distances. The smallest is a kids triathlon, then a sprint (a great distance to test the waters), Olympic (which is my distance), a half Ironman (also known as a 70.3) and the big one is called simply "Ironman". I'm sticking to the Olympic distance because the word Olympic sounds impressive and it's a good distance to train for over the course of about 4 months. Any longer than that and I'd lose interest.

So what are the distances?

It's a 1.5km (.9 mile) swim in crystal blue waters that hopefully aren't choppy.

Follow up that with a swift 40km (24 mile) bike ride uphill in the heat and humidity.

Then finish that bad boy with a 10 km (6 mile) in the same heat and humidity but it feels way worse because you aren't moving nearly as fast.

Are we crazy? Quite possibly. It's as common topic amongst those who do Ironmans (which are WAAAAAY longer distsances). But once you do your first triathlon, you'll be hooked. I'm doing my 4th and can see myself doing them every year until my body says 'No more!'