1400 Yards of Pain

Followed by a lazy 10 mile bike ride

Margarita, Natalie and Me

3 weeks into my season and I JUST got my ass into the pool for the first time and man are my arms tired!

Swimming is actually one of the more demanding sports in a triathlon. You are relying mostly on your upper body to propel you a mile through the water and because you're in the water, you can't really take a rest. You can roll over onto your back for a bit, but because there are waves of other swimmers headed your way, you still have to watch out that you aren't going to get run into and get hurt plus you still have to tread water, which takes effort.

The first swim of the season is even more difficult as your arms, shoulders, back and core muscles just aren't developed enough and they scream in agony. Especially the next day, when everything hurts.

The reason for my delay getting into the water this year was because the week prior to the season kickoff, I had just had a bunch of work done on my tattoo. In fact, the ink you se on my should in the header photo is all the work I was getting done. Immediately after that, I was at my doctor and my resting heart rate was at 120 so they put a 2 week long heart monitor on me. So that took me out of the pool until I had the device removed from my chest. 3 weeks later, here I am, finally getting wet.

While swimming is hard work, it gets much easier very quickly. If you can reliable get to the pool 2 or 3 times a week and have a plan for your workout, you'll get much more efficient in the water and the muscles will accomodate the work you're putting on them. You just have to stick with it. So now that I'm OK to swim, I'll be in the water a few times a week.

I'm thrilled that at this time, my fundraising for this event has me up at $375. I just started seriously fundraising a week ago, so that's a pretty good number!

If you'd like to support me in raising money to fight blood cancers you can do so by clicking the link below, OR you can buy raffle tickets for a chance to win an iPhone X, Nintendo Switch or Apple Watch!

First Practice of 2018

This hurts