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28 Milies on my 2nd Ride of the Season

First Real Ride

I'm a known lazy person. That's probably a big contributor to why I'm as big of a guy as I am. I'd rather sit on the couch and play Destiny than do much of anything else.

Through Team in Training I've met a lot of really amazing people who get up every Saturday morning super early, swim, bike and run in the cold and wet weather. Every Tuesday they run around a track at night instead of spending the evening with family. And on Wednesdays they all go to a public pool and swim laps for an hour. I'm notoriously bad at attending all fo these things consistently. I'm made a promise to mysel that I would be more consistent this year and when it came time to get up on Saturday morning, I was just too lazy and my eye was burning from a stye that suddenly developed on Friday. So I skipped swim and bike practice Saturday. That meant I had to makeup for it on Sunday.

A text to my TNT buddy, Natalie and I had a partner for a Sunday ride. Not only did I have a partner, but she had also skipped Saturday's practice due to a knee injury from being hit by a truck a few years back. Yes, road biking is potentially dangerous. So I have a workout buddy for Sunday. Excellent. Only problem is, Natalie and I are notorious for skipping out on workouts. Putting two of us together could be a recipe for mimosas instead of biking.

Fortunately, I got my ass up on Sunday, got dressed and packed my bike up and around 10:30 I arrived at Natalies house ready to go for a ride. Natalie's husband, Kevin is a coach on the TNT team and he suggested that we do the Coyote Creek Trail and expected we'd maybe doa 14 mile ride. I was happy to do the Coyote Creek Trail because I'm a bit skittish biking on the streets. It's not terrible, but I definitely prefer to be in a larger, more visible group rather than just have 2 of us out there.

The Coyote Creek Trail starts just outside of downtown San Jose and snakes its way south all the way to Morgan Hill. A pretty fair distance. I have done this ride many times as my previous house was about 1/4 of a mile away from the head of the trail. My first year training with TNT I did this ride every Saturdy and Sunday for a few months and I really love it. The views are gorgeous. The trail is completely paved and it's not too busy (but not devoid of people either).

So we got our gear loaded into her car and made our way to a park that borders the trail. The adventure begins! The trail was in pretty decent shape considering how much damage it sustained in the flooding earlier this year. Huge sections of the trail were completely washed away and you could see where the asphalt had been either repaired or the trail was completely moved to get further away from eroding hillsides. In preparation for another rainy season, the Santa Clara County Water District has been releasing more water from the damns than in previous years to get the levels low enough to be safe if we get a ton of rain. That meant that there was some controlled flooding of some of the lower sections of the trail. Being lazy, we both considered heading back and calling it a day, however, this nice guy pulled up behind us on his road bike and insisted we could do it then proceeded to demonstrate how to go through it. Determined, we forged ahead and made it across not 1, but 2 flooded trails!

It turns out that Natalie and I are a good cycling duo. Instead of 14 miles total, we did 14 miles out and 14 back for a grand total of 28 miles. This is significant becuase my race distance for Lavaman is only 24 miles. Now, if I can just focus on losing some weight and conditioning my legs, I should be able to get my time for that distance down to about 1:20 or less. 2 hour and 12 minutes is NOT fast enoug for this race.

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