First (Real) Ride of the Season

19.1 Milies in 1:42:52

First Real Ride

So this kicks off my first real "training" ride where I covered some actual distance and did a few hills, which felt huge but in a few weeks they will feel laughably small.

I've been doing a triathlon a year for 4 years now and after each one I always swear (usually to my mum on the phone) that when this one ends, I'm not going to stop training during the off season because it's a waste to put all that time and effort into fitness, just to let it go after the race is complete. Yet, here I am again, 6 months later, struggling to get my legs moving on long stretches of flat.

Even though it was a hard ride, I was with some great friends. From left to right are Kevin, Anne, Denise, me, Margarita, and right in front of her in Natalie. They were excellent company and kept me going, even when I was bitching non-stop about how this was supposed to be an easy, quick ride, not a 2 hour opus going 20 miles. Still, I'm glad they pushed me. I really needed to get pushed.

Check back and keep up with the progress on my training. Next weekend, I hope to get over 20 miles and closer to 23.

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