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Progress report plus lavaman is just 53 days away!

I didn't eat enough salad

As with everything in life, losing weight is difficult to do. Whether you are committing to exercising more, eating less or eating more healthy, sometimes it's hard to stick with it despite your desire.

Such is the case with me. Between a very busy work schedule and a partner at home who has different tastes than me, it's hard to stick to a diet when some elements are stacked against you. It shows on the scale as I am down just a single digit. I'm now at 254lbs. I did keep a food journal all week. I used the handy app Lose It! and it's been easy to quickly add in my meals and snacks. I've recorded EVERYRTHING below for each day so you can see my good and bad days.


Meal Description Calories
Breakfast Grande coffee and breakfast sandwich 375
Lunch Red lentil curry with jasmine rice and naan 481
Dinner Vegetable fried rice with peanut sauce noodles. 425
Snacks none 0


Meal Description Calories
Breakfast Grande Coffee, Ham and Cheese Croissant 325
Lunch Whole grain spaghetti with peanut sauce 363
Dinner Vegetable Fried Rice 375
Snacks Iced Latte, 2% 130


Meal Description Calories
Breakfast Venti iced latte, ham and cheese croissant 590
Lunch Pasta with chicken and cream sauce 1290
Dinner Cheeseburger and curly fries 1210
Snacks none 0


Meal Description Calories
Breakfast Venti iced latte 270
Lunch Italian sub 680
Dinner Tri-tip sandwich and salad 789
Snacks none 0


Meal Description Calories
Breakfast Grande coffee, ham and cheese croissant 325
Lunch Mixed greens salad with veggies 250
Dinner 2 bacon McDouble cheeseburgers (I worked until 11:30pm) 840
Snacks none 0


Meal Description Calories
Breakfast Venti iced latte and a ham and cheese croissant 590
Lunch whole grain pasta with tomato sauce and lenti meatballs 317
Dinner Chocolaty hazelnut bar, muscle milk and 1 cup of veggie fried rice 530
Snacks Chocolate truffles 147


Meal Description Calories
Breakfast Grande coffee, ham and cheese croissant 325
Lunch Roasted vegetables with potato leek cakes 521
Dinner egg noodles with meatballs and mushoom sauce 763
Snacks Cool lime refresher 120

So overall, I think I did pretty well. I'm trying to be relatively conscious of my caloric intake and with the exception of one day, I was well within my target range of 1600-1800 calories. Last Saturday was a complete write off in calories. I ate two days worth. That needs to stop.

Beyond just the calories, I have some work to do on the quality of the food. I'm trying to do my best to cut out meats and dairy products. Clearly my morning ritual of getting a ham and cheese croisssant runs contrary to my goals. That will be my goal over the next week; get my breakfast foods under control and have a healthy protein shake (vegan). They are delicious. A frozen banana, a scoop of chocolate protein powder, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and 1/2 a cup of plant milk.

The other story that isn't told here is my activity level. Unfortunatley, due to that back injury that I sustained a bit over a week ago, my activity level has been on the low side. I wasn't able to participate in the weekend workouts that my TNT coaches had planned, or my Sunday bike ride with friends. My back is finally on the mend and starting tomorrow I'll be attending a spin class at work. They are generally a good workout and I definitely need more time in the saddle.

February is also the Close The Rings Challenge at work. Basically, you register for the challenge that they've done company wide and you have to close the rings on your Apple Watch. So the Move (calories burned through activity), Exercise (minutes of physical activity that gets your heart into a cardio zone) and Stand (number of times you stand each hour throughout the day). Everyone is in a team of 4 and everyone who completes the challenge gets a custom fitness item (in this case a special edition watch band) and for teams where everyone completes the rings challenge you are entered in for "other prizes". No idea what they are. So my team is pumped and ready. It kicks off February 1. So look to see my motivation skyrocket in the near term. I'll probably have some progress updates to share.

This week is my big fundraising event, Cancer's a Drag. I paid for Facebook ads and the turnout on the invite is over 400 people so far. The bar can hold 100 people maximum, so hopeufully the turnout is less than who have currently expressed interest.

Cancer's a Drag 2018

Don't forget you can still buy tickets to my raffle or by donate directly to my fundraising page. I believe that someday we will be cancer free. I believe that today is someday.

Cancer's a Drag 2018

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