Panda Express did me in

Just kidding, my bad back did

JD saying it's A-OK

Saturday's practice went really well and after a good 2 hours nap when I got home, I went down to the office and started working on my fundraising which I've been really procrastinating on doing. I had a fairly good collection of people who had purchased raffle tickets but I hadn't entered them into my spreadsheet tracker or filled out their tickets yet. Shame on me, but I keep really detailed records so that when I get down to the office where I keep my tickets, I can quickly fill them out and enter them in the drawing.

Anyway, I got hungry and decided to run out to Panda Express to get a low carb, healthy meal (just kidding, that doesn't exist at Panda Express). I get home and decide to eat at my desk while I update this blog and notice my desk is a mess and no where to eat. So I quickly grab a bunch of stuff that can be thrown away, roll my chair over to Jason's desk where the garbage can is, lean over to toss stuff in the can and I hear one of those high pitched snaps in your spine followed by intense pain. Damn. Here we go again. Just when I get back into training, my back goes out!

This isn't a new thing. Last year around this time I was having severe, constant back pain and went for an MRI and discovered I have disk compression. Not severe but enough that it has been causing me a lot of pain. It was exacerbated by running, according to my physical therapist. So while a triathlon consists of swimming, biking and running, my version of triathlon has to be swimming, biking and walking, due to the disks in my back being unable to take the impact from running. Sigh.

Since this is a constant issue in my life and I'm dealing with it right now, I thought I would do some research and make a blog post about how to treat this type of back pain. So here's my list. (This is not medical advice, always consult a doctor when you experience pain. This list is just how I approach dealing with my back pain after many visits to my doctor, chiropractor and physical therapist.)

Treating Back Pain

  1. Apply cold: it's tempting and comforting to apply heat to your back when it goes out, but hurting your back results in inflamation. Applying heat to an inflamation injury could make the problem worse. Apply cold for 20 minutes at a time to the place you're experiencing pain. I like to get a zip lock bag, put some crushed ice in it, wrap it in a small towel and sit back against it in a chair. After 20 minutes go ice free for an hour or two so that the muscles warm up again. This will help reduce inflamation and it actually feels really good.
  2. Take your pills: Taking an anti-inflamatory immediately after you experience pain is important to get the inflamation down immediately. I have learned that over the counter rarely do much for this pain so I have gone to my doctor for a prescription. Take as directed by your doctor or by the directions on the battle.
  3. Relax: Limit your activity and let your back muscles relax. Definitely don't lift anything. Basically avoid doing most things that you're used to doing. When you have back pain, pretty much anything can make it worse.

Unfortunately, the list is not very extensive. For lower back pain, there isn't a lot you can really do except apply cold, medicate and rest. When you're feeling better, there are some things you can do to prevent future injuries.

So that's what is going on. I would write more here, but I should get off the computer and go ice my back again and send Jason out to get my prescription from Rite-Aid.

This past weekend was incredible for ticket sales. I sold $1010 worth of tickets in 2 days. Thank to everyone who supported me by buying raffle tickets or donated directly to my fundraising page.

Oh! I made a change to my raffle. The first place winner now has a choice between the iPhone X or a MacBook Pro 13-inch lapto computer. Good luck to everyone who entered!

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