Swim: 1750 yards, Bike: 22 miles

New route, lots of fun

JD saying it's A-OK

I was up way too late last night playing board games and Quiplash. Way too late. I think I went to bed at 2am and then was up again at 7am to get everything packed up to drive up to Menlo Park for practice. I honestly didn't think I'd actually get up. Jason didn't think I would either. Before bed he even commented that he would see me in bed at 9am still. I showed him! I was gone by 7:50am and go to practice way early. But at least I got a parking spot by the entrance to the pool.

The news this morning was that it was a frigid 39 degrees in the valley at the bottom of my hill. By the time I drove the 30 minutes to the pool, it was a balmy (in comparison) 46 degrees and very sunny. So that bode well for our ride at least.

Practice this morning happened on the same day as the Women's Marches in San Jose and San Francisco. I applaud and support the women and men on the team that skipped practice to lend their voices to equality and freedom. I don't do well with crowds due to anxiety so I tend to stay away from crowded events. Loved seeing their photos of solidarity at the events. So while some of our teammates stayed home due to the cold and the other events going on, that meant that the people who did show up had pool that had easily half the amount of people it normally did. SCORE! Carol was my lane partner and she and I are pretty well matched in speed with her having a lot more endurance than me. It's a great pairing for me because it makes me push myself to match her lap endurance. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you improve in sports or anything really.

Today was also a special swim day becuase, after warming up, we did the snake swim! A snake swim is when you all start at one end of the pool in a single lane, swim to the end, cross under the line to the next lane and swim back. When you get to the end, you cross under and go to next lane and coninue on zig zagging across the pool until you get to the ladder at the other end of the pool. Then you get out, walk back to the starting lane, jump in and go again. Each snake is 250 yards and I did 3 complete snakes for a total of 750 yards. I was also averaging about 6.5 minutes for the entire 250 yards, and I was really happy with that speed. Only one pic from the pool for now until more get uploaded to our Facebook page.

JD ending a snake swim
Coach Kevin

Last week's bike ride was rough. I had an incredible time, but the climbing felt excessive and I was really hoping they would change the route this time around. Well, they did and they made it longer and with way more climbing. I had never done this route before and it was actually quite a bit of fun and I wasn't nearly as sore as I was last week. That said, holy crap! That was a whole lot of climbing! At least mother nature was cooperative. The air was cool, the sun was shining and everyone was in good spirits.

Getting ready to ride
the Portola Loop
JD and Coach Michael chatting
Age group riding out

Everything about today's ride just felt right. I felt my form was pretty good. I wasn't hurting that bad and with the agressive climbing we did I was getting to use all my gears. My nutrition was on point, I was well hydrated and whe it was all over I didn't struggle to get the bike back up on the roof of my car. If you haven't tried road biking, I highly recommend it. And Team in Training is a great way to learn how to ride!

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