Cancer's a Drag 2018

That's a Wrap!

Cancer's a Drag 2018 was a HUGE success!

Weight Loss Progress

53 Days Until Lavaman

Update on Weight Loss

My Chariot

Bike gear explained

255 lbs of Triathlete

My struggle with weight and athletics

Compressed Disks

Back Pain and Me

First Practice of 2018

This hurts

First Swim

1400 yards in the pool and I'm very much out of shape.

The Reason to Race

Learn a bit about what motivates me.

Zero to Hero

2nd ride of the season and already hit my race distance!

First Ride Complete!

After 6 months off, this 19.1 mile ride felt way harder than it actually was.

A Triathlon?

Learn a bit about triathlons. It's an endurance event that combines three sports in one.


Check out my growing gallery of images from past and future events.

Fuck Cancer

I'm hoping to raise 10k this year to beat the living crap out of blood cancers. Help a guy out!